Introduction to Biology

Practice Genetics Problems

The following problems are on the inheritance of blood groups in man. There are three alleles (A, B, and O) which interact as follows:

AA and AO - blood group A                               AB - blood group AB

BB and BO - blood group B                                OO - blood group O


1. List all of the possible blood groups that may occur in the children of each of the following blood group crosses:

AB x O

A x AB

B x B

A x A

A x O

2. a. Could a child of blood group O be born to parents both of whom are of blood group A?

b. Could a child of blood group AB be born to these parents?

3. A mother of blood group A, one of whose parents was of blood group B, and a father of blood group B have a child of blood group A. What other possible blood groups can occur in their children?

4. Suppose a father of group A and a mother of group B have a child of group O. What groups are possible in their subsequent children?