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Environmental Stewardship Council


The Landmark College Environmental Stewardship Council (ESC) is committed to responsible environmental stewardship by recommending that all activities, policies, and programs at the College be undertaken with consideration for their environmental consequences. The Council is committed to advancing knowledge about complex and pressing environmental challenges, assisting the Landmark community to identify its share of responsibility in meeting those challenges, and acting upon them. The Council understands that good environmental stewardship is compatible with sound financial stewardship.

Upcoming Meeting

Friday, 12/1, 12:30-1:30, Davis Hall, Room 011


Alan Hodson, Council Chair

Katherine Barratt

Katherine Burris

Peter Falion, Composting Committee Chair

Andrew Fatini, Student Representative

Rich Grumbine, Energy Committee Chair
Dan Handy, Education Committee Chair
Kathryn Karmen
Sarah Lerol
Ned Olmsted, Landscaping Committee Chair
Corrado Paramithiotti
Bill Pearson, Recycling Committee Chair
Jan Thompson



Udpated: November 10, 2006