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Records Retention

Landmark College is committed to effective record retention to meet legal standards, ensure privacy, optimize the use of space, minimize the cost of record retention, and minimize the costs connected with the proper disposal of outdated records.

It therefore sets forth the following record retention schedules by department or division, so that each senior member of that department or division will oversee and enforce compliance within the policy guidelines.

Departments or divisions that maintain college records are responsible for establishing appropriate record retention management practices and each department's director agrees to:

  1. Implement the department's and/or office record management practice,
  2. Ensure that these are consistent with the policy,
  3. Educate staff in their department on sound record management practices,
  4. Ensure that access to confidential and private records is properly managed,
  5. Destroy records when they reach the prescribed retention period,
  6. Maintain an up to date log of all destroyed records.

Confidential Records

Many records subject to the retention policy contain confidential information (non-public information including but not limited to, name, address, social security number, bank account numbers, financial or financial aid information, student numbers, medical information, etc.). Such records are private and are protected by the family Educational rights and privacy Act (FERPA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliey (GLB) Act, and the Health insurance Probability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In addition to the retention requirements, any record that contains confidential information must be treated as such.

Disposal and Destruction of Records

Once a year there will be a call to the community to gather the records that have been designated for disposal through an authorized and bonded agent. Each department will complete a detailed list of the material to be disposed of and submit it to the College's Controller. No records will be destroyed unless properly identified. Here is a suggested procedure:

  1. Re-cycle non-confidential paper records;
  2. Confidential paper records must be destroyed by an authorized bonded agent;
  3. Erase or destroy electronically stored records form the college's main drives.

Caution: Periodically review records generated and maintained electronically on the college's drives to ensure that these requirements are met.

Records Retention Schedule

Download the Records Retention Schedule located on the Business Office website under Useful Tools.


Please contact Tom Brown, Human Resources Department, with questions about this policy.

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