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Where is Security located?

The Security Office is located in Davis Hall, room 001.

How do I contact the duty officer?

If the duty officer is not in the office then you can contact him or her by calling 802.387.699 from off campus or extension 6899 from on campus. The duty officer can also be contacted via the campus portable radio system which is held by any of the Resident Deans, Resident Assistants or Facilities personnel while they are on duty.

Where can I park?

The campus has four main parking lots as listed. Each lot is assigned by seniority of the student or the location of the employee’s office.
LOT A: for employees of the Admissions building and guests of the College
LOT B: for employees with offices located in Hall 4 or Davis Hall; Chartwell’s employees, and student who have completed at least 3 semesters at the College
LOT C: for employees with offices in the Click Family Sports Center, Administration, Library, the Staunch Family Student Center and students who have completed one semester at the College
LOT D: for employees who have offices in the Fine Arts Building, East Academic Building and students in their first semester.
The campus also maintains an overflow parking lot. This lot is designed for vehicles that are being left on campus over break periods, vehicles that need to be moved for snow removal process, employees and students during special events and any additional vehicles if all the parking lots have been filled.

When can I park near the residence halls?

You will be assigned to LOT B, along the front of the residence halls once you have completed three semesters at the college.

How long can I park in front of a building?

There are loading and unloading zones in front of each of the residential halls. This area is designed for ten minute parking only with the purpose of loading and unloading heavy item. Vehicles must have the four-way flashers activated and the owner within contact of the vehicle in case emergency moving of the vehicle is necessary. There is no parking in front of the Academic building except in the designated handicap parking spaces with a valid handicap permit displayed.

What if I have a medical need?

Accommodations are made for employees and students with a medical need to park closer to the building in which you need to perform work. All requests for medical need parking must go through Health Services to have the accommodation request reviewed. Once approved through Health Services a permit will be issued to you based on needs.

How long do I have to pay a parking citation?

Parking citations are due within ten days from date of issue. Any citation not paid with the ten day period will have the fine doubled. Any citation unpaid at the end of the semester will be handled through the Human Resource Department for employees, or charged to the student’s account.

Where do I pay for a parking citation?

All citation are paid at the Business Office located in the Administration Building.

What do I do if my vehicle gets booted?

Repeat offenders of the parking regulation may be subjected to having a vehicle restraint device applied. To have it removed you vehicle must contact the duty officer and agree to pay the fine associated with the removal.

What do I do if my vehicle gets towed?

Vehicles may be towed for various reasons. If the vehicle tow was the result of impeding the snow removal process the vehicle will be relocated to the overflow lot located near the Facilities Building. You may retrieve the vehicle at any time after the snow removal process has been completed. A fee will be associated which will be paid at the Business Office or charged to your account.
If the vehicle is towed off campus due to repeat violations of the parking regulations then it is your responsibility to contact the tow company directly to make arraignments for the retrieval and payment of the tow.

Why do I need to register my vehicle?

Registering a vehicle provides the Security Department with a means of contacting you in case of emergency or if the vehicle impedes work that needs to occur near where the vehicle is parked. Registration also provides the Department with the ability to control the use of parking lots.

When and where do I need to register my vehicle?

Vehicles need to be registered within 24 hours of arriving on campus.

Vehicles will be registered at the Department of Safety and Security located in Davis Hall, room 001. The exception will be new employees registering at Human Resources during in processing or during New Student registration.

What happens if I don’t register my vehicle?

Unregistered vehicles are subjected to having a citation issued, having a boot applied, or being towed off campus.

What do I do if I lost something?

If you have lost an item, check your belongings and areas in which you last had the item. If the item cannot be located then a report should be made to the security Department.

What do I do with something that I find?

If the owner is know and not immediately located, or if the owner is unknown then the item should be turned in to the Duty Officer.

How long are things kept before they are disposed of?

Found property is maintained at the Department of Safety and Security for the duration of the semester in which it was found. At the end of the semester all items are disposed of per the College disposal policy.

How are items disposed of?

Items may be thrown in the trash, donated to the community tag sale, or if the owner is known returned to the owner at the owner’s expense.

What do I do if I lock myself out of my room?

Contact should be made with the Duty Officer who will come and unlock the door after verification that the space is assigned to the individual making the request.

My key doesn’t work, now what?

Contact the Duty Officer to confirm if a lock change had occurred and if there are new keys to be assigned. If a lock change did not occur then contact should be made to the Resident Dean who will submit a work request to the Facilities department for repair of the lock or replacement of the key.

Will I be charged for having someone let me into my room?

There are no charges applied for the first three times you lock yourself out of your assigned space. After three lock out requests are granted then you will be fined according to Campus policy.

What do I do if I am feeling unsafe while trying to get back to my room?

Contact the Duty Officer at 802.387.6899 from an off-campus phone or extension 6899 from an on-campus phone and the duty officer will assist you in making it to your destination.
The campus has two emergency call boxes. One is located at the intersection of the Library and Library Hill. The second is located between the Fine Arts Building and LOT D parking area. This call boxes dial directly to the duty officer.

What do I do if I am not feeling well and need to go to Health Services?

During business hours a call should be placed to Health Services to determine the time in which the nursing staff can see you. If a medical condition prevents you from walking to health services the duty officer can be contacted for transportation assistance.
After business hours the on-call doctor system should be used. The doctor will provide advice on if you should wait until the next business day to go to Health Services, if you should been seen immediately at the emergency room of the local hospital, or if there is medical assistance the doctor can provide over the phone.


What do I do if I have a medical condition that makes it difficult to walk around campus?

Contact should be made with Health Services who will determine medical accommodations. In turn Health Services will contact the Security Department with the needed information to provide parking accommodations or transportation needs.

How do I find out if school is canceled or delayed?

Landmark College has a procedure in place that notifies students and employees of campus closing or delays. Messages will be sent out to the community via text messaging, portal announcements, e-mail, and the use of radio stations. Refer to the college delay and closing policy.

What should I report?

Incident reports are filed on many different subjects. Some of the most common incident include, but are not limited to, conflicts with other students, missing items, medical assistance and witnessing illegal activities. You should feel free to report any incident that you feel needs investigation or follow up by a college administer.

How do I fill out an incident report?

The first step is contacting the duty officer, resident dean or resident assistant. Specific questions will be asked based on the situation. You may be asked to provide a written statement to support the information provided

Why do I need to write a statement?

A written statement provides the duty officer with first hand information. This information is important especially if the incident leads to judicial actions by providing a clear understanding of the incident. By having the incident written down as soon as possible there is less chance for vital information being forgotten or misconstrued later.

What can I expect after filing a report?

Depending on the situation you may be asked to speak with a resident dean, the Director of Residential Life, the Judicial Affairs Officer or the Dean of Students to provide clarification of the incident. In some cases you may directly learn of the outcome of the report.

What is a medical emergency?

A medical emergency is a medical situation in which the person feels that their condition will worsen before they can see a nurse at Health Services. In most cases a medical emergency will involve the local rescue services to respond to campus an access the situation.

Who do I contact if I am not feeling well?

If you are not feeling so good, and it isn’t an emergency then you should visit Health Services in the Staunch Family Student Center.

Can I call 9-1-1?

You can call 9-1-1 directly. If you place a call directly call the duty officer immediately after the 9-1-1 call so that proper response is provided. If the situation is not immediately life threatening, then call the duty officer first to assist in the process.

What is a fire emergency?

A fire emergency is a situation in which an actual fire or the smell of smoke is apparent.

Where do I go if the fire alarm activates?

If you are in a residence hall then proceed to the meeting area as instructed by the resident dean, resident assistant, facilities worker or the duty officer. It is apparent that you remain out of the way of the emergency vehicle and staff. If you are in another building on campus proceed as instructed by a college official or to any other building on campus in which you will not be in the way of the emergency responders.

Will I be charged for fire related incidents?

The Town of Putney will financially charge you if it is determined that the fire was malicious in nature, or if it has responded more than three times for the same type of instance in one calendar year. For example: if you live in the Bridges and burned food on the stove.
If the fire incident is determined to be arson then you may be criminally charged.

What do I do if something in my room is broke?

You should contact your resident dean or resident assistant as soon as possible so a work request can be submitted for the repair.

Where do I go to find out if a repair was done?

Your resident dean can track the repairs done and the completion date

Will I be charged if something needs to be repaired?

If it is determined that the damage was intentional or malicious the College may financially charge you for the repair. You may also face judicial action.