2012 Student Clubs at Landmark College

Interested in starting a new club? Contact Emily North, Director of Student Activities: enorth@landmark.edu or 802.387.6820.



 Animal Wellness Club

    * Weekly Meetings: Thursdays (First fall meeting 9/06)

   * Time: 6:00pm

    * Location: Dining Hall B

     * Advisor: Bethe Jankelson (bjankelson@landmark.edu)

If you are an animal lover and want to help them have better, healthier lives, then this club is for you. We will begin with "FastFriends," the Keene based Greyhound Rescue. Training in handling will be offered as well as contributing to some fund raising. Later, the club will encompass more animal responsibilities. Occasional road trips to local animal shelters is offered.


Anime & Manga Club

    * Weekly Meetings : Mondays 6:30- 9:00pm and Fridays 6:30-10:00pm

     * Location: Davis Hall 009

    * Student Contacts: Ashleigh (AJ) House (ashleighhouse@landmark.edu)

    * Advisor: TBD


Campus Activities Board

 * Weekly Meetings: Wednesdays

    * Time: 6:00pm

    * Location: Dining Hall B

    * Student Contact: Adam Freeman (adamfreeman@landmark.edu)

    * Advisor: Emily North (enorth@landmark.edu)

Want to help plan campus events and off campus trips? All students are welcome to attend Campus Activities Board (CAB) meetings every Wednesday night. No experience necessary. We are always looking for volunteers. This is a great way to get involved and meet new people!


Chess Club

 * Weekly Meetings: Thursdays

    * Time: 5:00pm to 8:00pm

    * Location: Dining Hall

    * Advisor: Kira Storm


Gaming League

Students are invited to join with others to enjoy many kinds of games, including but not limited to; board games, video games, trading card games, role playing, darts, pool & more!

    * Weekly Meetings: Saturdays

    * Time: 2pm to 5 pm

    * Location: Student Center Game Room

    * Student Contact: TBA

    * Advisor: Emily North (enorth@landmark.edu)


Gay Straight Alliance

Come join us to for great conversation and to plan activities throughout the year. We hope to see you there!

     * Weekly Meetings: Mondays 6:00pm in the Women's Center (Hall Four Basement)

        & Thursdays 5:00pm in Dining Hall B

      *Student Contact: Ellie Bissell (eleanorbissell@landmark.edu)

     * Advisor: Anita Long (anitalong@landmark.edu)



    *Weekly Meetings: Fridays

    * Time: 6pm to 7 pm

    * Location: Dining Hall Room B

    * Student Contacts: TBD

    * Advisor: Linda Hecker (lindahecker@landmark.edu)


 Impressions Literary Magazine

    *Bi-weekly Meetings:

   * Time: 6:30-9:30pm

    *Location: Admin. Auditorium

    * Advisor: John Rose (johnrose@landmark.edu)


The Independent (Student Newspaper)

    *Weekly Meetings: Tuesdays

   * Time: Lunch

    *Location: Library

    * Advisor: Mac Gander (mgander@landmark.edu)


 Landmark Community Outreach Group

* Weekly Meetings: Fridays

   * Time: 4:30pm

    * Location: Hall Four #14

    *  Advisor: Greg Narleski (gregnarleski@landmark.edu) email: lcog@landmark.edu



 Rock Climbing Club

    * Weekly Meetings: Thursdays (First fall meeting: 9/06)

   * Time: 8:00pm

    * Location: Gym

     * Advisor: Bethe Jankelson (bjankelson@landmark.edu)

In this club you will learn how to set up/take down the rock wall as well as get a chance to play on it yourselves. Emphasis is on learning how to use the elements so as to assist the Dir. of Adv, Ed. during programs either for our community. Road trips to other rock gyms and competitions are included.



 Ropes Course Club

    * Weekly Meetings: Tuesdays (First fall meeting: 9/05)

   * Time: 7:30pm

    * Location: Zip Line Tree (Ropes Course)

     * Advisor: Bethe Jankelson (bjankelson@landmark.edu)

In this club you will learn how to set up all the ropes course elements as well as get a chance to play on them yourselves. Emphasis is on learning how to use the elements so as to assist the Dir. of Adv, Ed. during programs either for our community.


 Students of the Craft

   A club for stduents of the Wiccan religion to come together and practice.

    * Weekly Meetings:

    * Location:

    * Student Contact: TBA

    * Advisors: Bethe Jankelson (bjankelson@landmark.edu) & Susan Grabowski (susangrabowski@landmark.edu)


 Student Government Association

    * Weekly Meetings: Tuesdays

   * Time: 6:45pm

    * Location: Hall Four 018

     * Advisor: Greg Narleski (gregnarleski@landmark.edu), email:sga@landmark.edu



 Venturing Club

    * Weekly Meetings: Tuesdays (First fall meeting 9/04)

   * Time: 6:00pm

    * Location: Dining Hall A

     * Advisor: Bethe Jankelson (bjankelson@landmark.edu)

Eagle Scouts... this is your next adventure: Be a part of Landmark's Charter, CO-ED (up to 21 yo) Boy Scouts of America club. Plan and take all kinds of Adventures. LEARN TO LEAD! Discounts are offered to many of the BSA's top facilities.


 WLMC Landshark Radio

    * Weekly Meetings: Tuesdays

   * Time: Lunch

    * Location: Radio Studio (Basement of Student Center)

     * Advisor: Eric Matte (ematte@landmark.edu)