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 Purpose of this Handbook

Landmark College is a unique community of students, teachers and staff, each committed to fostering both the skills and enthusiasm necessary for personal growth and continuing education. The specific policies and procedures contained in this Student Handbook originate from the basic concept of recognizing each person as an individual worthy of respect, trust, dignity and fair treatment.  All students who have enrolled at Landmark College agree to abide by these policies and procedures which are intended to promote mutual respect, safety, ethical awareness and a congenial environment, conducive to effective living and learning.

Addendums and Changes Between Publications

The student handbook is published by Landmark College at the beginning of each academic year.  The College reserves the right to add, modify or amend any part of this handbook between publication dates.  The College will inform students, faculty and staff through various means when any changes to this handbook are made.  These changes will supersede any previously published policies on the same topic.


Please click here for a complete version of the 2011-2012 Student Handbook (pdf)